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‘Last dance’ without Carrasco

'Last dance' without Carrasco

Low clouds skim the mountain peaks in Los Angeles de San Rafael at the last dance. It is 07:45 in the morning, the coldest of the week for the rojiblancos in this urbanization of Segovia, 17th, when the Atleti bus takes that road for the last time this summer, that of the football fields. He does it without Carrasco who will arrive later, with João, both with slight overloads, preseason load sharing. The stations with their numbers wait for the last time for Cholo’s pupils stuck in the grass while, from the background and accompanied by Tomás Reñones, look out for a special visit: that of the bullfighter José Tomás, confessed and fervent rojiblanco fan.

José Tomás, in Atlético training. Javier Gandul

A certain air of nostalgia flies over the environment, of being aware that something is done for the last time, and saying goodbye as it passes, until next summer. The tour around the world (Madrid-South Korea-San Francisco-Mexico) will begin on Monday the 24th and the week in between the team will spend at Cerro, a week of work as intense as the one they leave here but with the hug of the families when they get home. And thus the pricking of the shoelaces will prick less. None of those touched or recovering (Memphis, Reinildo, Oblak) are on the grass.

Carrasco, on his arrival at training, aside. Javier Gandul

Griezmann, acclaimed

Driving, pitching after diving, coordination. Those are what the last seasons are looking for. The Prof explains it with a megaphone voice from the top of the ramp, which will also be the last time. The footballers are distributed. Griezmann stands out, of course, another morning, extremely successful in front of goal, with strong and soft shots, always finding the way to goal. he gets the cheers, honey, the reproaches are behind him as he will be this week in a while, when the players work out in the gym. The sky has not cleared when at 8:26 the rojiblanco physical trainer pull out the pike that holds the number 1 at the top of that slope that will not cost again until next summer. bye bye, Atleti. This first part of the preseason is over.

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