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Last call for Westbrook

Last call for Westbrook

The Lakers have gotten used to the idea that trading Russell Westbrook was wishful thinking during parts of the vacation period. However, they have one last option to which they should only say yes to make it effective. The Pacers, a team that has chosen to throw and build quickly and abruptly, have offered the directors of the Californian franchise a package that would absorb the huge contract (47 million) of the NBA MVP in 2016/17even bigger headache than the game for which he was also criticized last year. The conversations between the two groups have been maintained until the start of the pre-season concentrationseven forcing LA to park its directors so that the heat of the deal would not affect them in a press conference canceled for that reason. All planes are curved in the Lakers, being physically impossible there they make a power. The door is still open, although the chances of crossing it have decreased significantly.

The Athleticvia Sam Amick, Jovan Buha and Shams Charania, confirms what was going around the team’s chat forums. The offer was to send shooting guard Buddy Hield and center Myles Turner to the Lakers in exchange for the Angelenos giving up two first-round picks (2027 and 2029). In that last part is the key: Indiana wants the elections to be unprotected and so far the 17-time champions have not accepted.

Hield and Turner were in the pools to get out of Indianapolis before the franchise decided to cut to the chase with everyone, including Malcolm Brogdon or Domantas Sabonis. Hield is a specialist 3-point shooting guard, with irregular percentages but with absolute danger when he has the streak, and Turner, despite having crushed many expectations placed on him, is a physical but mobile center with the ability to intimidate also in the defensive zone. Two replacements to try for a very worn piece, Westbrook, would be a valid trade for the Lakers in the short term, which is what they are looking for since LeBron James is with the team.

The aforementioned information emphasizes that the possibility that “Whether transferred in the coming weeks or months is still real”. LeBron would have given the go-ahead when asked. It is the decision-makers who have not agreed: Rob Pelinka, manager; Kurt Rambis, counselor; and three Busses, Joey and Jesse in addition to Governor Jeanie. Pelinka has preferred to hold on to see if “this imperfect fit” it has a good output and it works.

Beverley and Schröder have landed in this summer market and, or it slipped through the agent game, there was still room for Westbrook. His place in the starting lineup remains to this day, hand in hand with the recovered Kendrick Nunn and with the other two as substitutes. James and Davis, the two of them and center Damian Jones are the starting theorists that Darvin Ham wants to test initially. The main trio has other supports although mistrust continues among each other: James was the main cause of the Lakers leaning towards Westbrook and not DeRozan more than a year ago and now he moves to change pawns.

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The market no longer closes, although the main movements until the 2022/23 season begins are free agent movements and cuts of players who are on trial in the training camp. Russ, however, is close to relaxing: The 33-year-old point guard, on his last of the current contract, will be the Lakers’ recurring conversation whether he leaves or not.

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