Lasso will decide if he stands as a candidate for the elections

By Manuel Pérez Bella |

Brasilia (BLAZETRENDS).- The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, said that he will announce “in due course” if he will be a candidate for the August 20 elections.

Lasso, who gave an interview to BLAZETRENDS at his hotel in the Brazilian capital, pointed out that there is a legal deadline to announce his decision: June 7.

“Until that date we will have a clear outlook,” said the president, whose party, the CREO movement, has asked him to run for special elections, which would give him the opportunity to finish his term in 2025.

The call for elections is a consequence of Lasso’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly, controlled by the left, on May 17.

The president used a constitutional mechanism known as “cross death” at a time when legislators were preparing to remove him on suspicion of embezzlement.

Facing the extraordinary elections, the conservative leader assured that he is not concerned about the possibility that correísmo could return to power, which came out strengthened in the municipal elections last February.

His concern, he says, is that Ecuadorians “vote for an option that allows them to achieve” the solution to their daily problems and improve their quality of life.

“What worries me is always preserving the highest level of democracy and respect for the freedom of citizens. And that we think about solving the problems that citizens have in their daily lives”, she commented.

An “inconsequential” assembly

Lasso assured that the dissolution of the National Assembly has the majority support of the Ecuadorian people, who were “fed up” with the legislators.

“The Ecuadorian people were fed up with a National Assembly that caused quarrels, permanent and constant fights. An Assembly so inconsequential that one day it began to think what should be the day of the year on which the cake is celebrated ”, he elaborated.

According to the 67-year-old ruler, the high degree of popular approval for his decision to resort to “cross death” has resulted in the fact that the country “breathes peace and tranquility” and there have been no protests, “not one person in the street”.

However, Guillermo Lasso admitted that “it was not easy” to make this decision and he would have preferred not to resort to it. But he assures that the only alternative was for the assembly members to have maintained “the democratic order in Ecuador.”

“But what happened is that in the National Assembly there are two political tendencies opposed to each other, theoretically, that came together to seize total power in Ecuador through the windows of the Government Palace. And I think that this was not democratically correct, what had to be done is to wait for the democratic cycles, to wait for the elections to be able to try, through the popular vote, to come to power, ”he stressed.

Governing via decrees

The dissolution of the Assembly has opened Lasso the possibility of governing by decree. As long as they are urgent and are validated by the Constitutional Court.

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In its first two weeks without the counterweight of Parliament, it approved a tax reform and a law on free zones. And he assured that he “definitely” will continue on that path, with more reforms in the coming weeks.

He announced that he will approve an investment law, which was rejected by the National Assembly at the beginning of 2022. As well as a decree for the shrimp sector. And a higher education law “that slept the sleep of the just in the National Assembly,” among other reforms.

Balance of two years of the Government of Lasso

Lasso, who assumed power on May 24, 2021, reviewed his two years in government, with achievements such as vaccination against covid-19 of 53% of the population.

He highlighted that the country grew close to 7.2% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in two years. It increased its foreign currency reserves and signed trade agreements with China and Costa Rica and expects to sign a similar one with South Korea next August.

He also stressed that during his administration he fought against corruption and faced the drug mafia. From which “five times more drugs than what the two previous governments seized” were confiscated. And that he has led “a rather aggressive environmental agenda.”

Specifically, he cited the expansion of the Galapagos marine reserve and a financial operation for the conversion of 1,628 million dollars of debt into conservation projects, the largest operation of its kind in the world.

On the environmental agenda, Lasso announced that he will defend the cessation of oil exploitation in the Yasuní National Park, in the Amazon, in the popular consultation on the subject that will be held on the same day of the elections.

The negative aspect, he recognized that the biggest problem with which his government has fought is citizen insecurity, something that, according to what he pointed out, has a political component.

“The problem of citizen insecurity to some extent is connected and linked to the political interest of those for whom my government is uncomfortable, due to the fight against corruption,” he concluded.

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