Pablo Laso, coach of Real Madrid, described the departure to Santiago to play against Monbus Obradoiro as “difficult” and since it did not depend on them to be first in the first phase of the Endesa League, he aimed to “defend second place”. “We know it’s a tough game. Santiago is always a difficult exit. Obradoiro has changed its style a lot in recent times, it is a team that plays very aggressively and with a lot of threat from three points”Lasso said. “We know that the first place does not depend on us, but the second is the one we have to defend and we aspire to continue winning games until the end of the Regular League”, added the coach.

The week has been quiet and has allowed us to recover players. “The team has trained well, It’s been a quiet week. I am happy with how they have worked and with the recovery of players headdresses Taylor has entered normal training and we continue with Rudy’s doubt, but he’s better“, he pointed.

In the absence of three days, there are many things to decide. “It has been a very demanding league for the teams we play in Europe. That speaks very well of a League that has been very competitive from the start,” Pablo Laso concluded.


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