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Las Palmas’ signing of Munir complicates a key operation for Betis

Finally, the Spanish-Moroccan striker will play in the first division after being on the agenda of several teams in LaLiga Hypermotion. His new club is happy but Betic will have to reorganize their plans.

UD Las Palmas completed the signing of striker Munir El Haddadi in the last few hours, making him their seventh signing. He canary image He signed the player for one year, after being released due to the termination of his contract with Getafe CF. In this way, the Hispanic Moroccan is the third reinforcement for the offensive plot under the command of García Pimienta.

And speaking of the manager, he coincided with Munir in the lower divisions of FC Barcelona. Hence his vote of confidence in the forward to join his 2023-24 project. The contract has been signed for one year, but there is an automatic renewal option if some sheep are met. On the other hand, the one who was not very happy with the operation was the True Betis.

Munir Las Palmas
Betis were considering loaning Álex Collado to Las Palmas, but the signing of Munir El Haddadi complicated everything.

The reason why Betis didn’t like Munir’s transfer to Las Palmas at all

Despite recently signing striker Álex Collado, Betic want to film the player, but not in Manuel Pellegrini’s squad. The idea of ​​the Chilean coach and sporting director Ramón Planes was to give the player on loan, but right here at LaLiga EA Sports. In this way, the most welcome destination in the Verdiblancos offices was the Pío Pío club.

The operation failed with the signing of Munir, given that the Real Madrid coach will no longer have operations for his offensive field. Once again the Eliopolitan sports management will have to continue to look for suitors for the extreme right. The first option will be the gold category, but it is not excluded that they can place it in Liga 2.

Las Palmas complicates Betis’ agenda in relation to Collado

From the Sevillian entity they already counted on transferring the Sabadell striker to the team recently promoted to the first division, but they will have to start from scratch. It is clear that the coach from the south does not have the former Barcelona player, and the 24-year-old player needs to be released to unlock other operations.

If Álex Collado fails to leave the Betic entity, he will have to join Pellegrini’s plans. But his numbers from last season aren’t helping at all. He barely played 764 minutes spread over 17 games, with a balance of 1 goal and 1 season. But one reason for his ostracism has to do with his adductor injury, which left him disabled for more than 10 engagements.

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