Large stores usually have a mobile application

Electronic commerce has progressed exponentially to the point where most consumers choose to make their purchases online rather than going directly to stores. However, there is a debate about the device used to make these online purchases.

Statista made a global consumer survey and the results showed that the majority of these used mobile devices to make purchases in 2020, while less than half of the users used computers. 57% of German consumers say that the mobile was their main device for shopping. In other countries such as Spain or Italy, the percentage is similar.

Source: ecommerceDB

The survey shows that more than half of online stores (47%) offer their consumers one or more shopping applications. A 46% of these stores have an application of Manzana, a 45% on Android, while only one 1% have a Huawei app. The percentage of applications that a store has depends on the number of visitors, that is, a large store that has a multitude of consumers will have more possibilities of having several applications compared to a small store that has hardly any visits. According ecommerceDB, “Only 12% of the online stores analyzed with an annual number of visitors below 500,000 run a mobile application in 2021.”

The report also reports that the most successful applications are those related to the fashion, footwear and automotive accessories sectors (between 20% and 30%). Although stores that focus on selling also have a high percentage groceries, beverages, or pet supplies (72%). Although it is normal that many stores do not yet have a mobile application, since, like everything, it comes at a cost. This could be the reason why smaller stores have not yet taken that step.

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