Large shipment of heroin seized for first time in Australian history

Sydney: Police in a successful operation in Australia have seized a record amount of heroin worth Rs 17 billion and arrested a suspect.

According to details, the police in Australia have claimed to have seized the largest consignment of heroin in the country so far. The authorities say that a person belonging to Malaysia has been arrested.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the amount of heroin seized by the police is estimated at 104 million dollars (17 billion 80 million 48 million Pakistani rupees).

During the operation, police detained a Malaysian man on charges of heroin trafficking. In addition, according to the police, 450 kg of heroin was found in a shipping container of ceramic tiles sent from Malaysia.

Police officials did not name the detainee, but said further investigations were under way and the media would be informed of further developments.

According to police, if the detainee is found guilty, the maximum sentence will be life imprisonment, but before that more work will have to be done to expose the network.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Southern Command Chrissie Barrett said the Australian Federal Police was working with the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP). “We are working together to identify and expose the International Organized Crime Network, which will use all possible means to curb criminal elements,” he said in a statement.

He said that drugs were harming the new generation of both the countries and those involved were making millions of dollars from criminal activities.

According to police, they have saved 225 lives by seizing heroin. Police believe that one person dies from every two kilograms of heroin used in Australia.

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