A group of large agricultural producers, including the European Union, the United States, Canada and Australia, pledged this Friday to guarantee food security in the world, despite the disturbances caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"We promise to work together to ensure there is food in an amount that is sufficient for everyone, including the poorest, most vulnerable and displaced people"the countries wrote.

that document was signed by 51 member countries of the World Trade Organization, including Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Paraguay.

Producers also promised that they will keep the markets "open, predictable and transparent without imposing unjustified trade restrictive measures".

The signatory countries also stress that the emergency measures taken to deal with the situation should cause as few distortions as possible and that these be temporary, specific and proportionate.

They also ask that the products purchased by the World Food Program, which is in the forefront of try to compensate for losses in grain markets and oil due to the situation in Ukraine, are exempt from any export restriction or prohibition.

Russia and Ukraine are two major exporters of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower oil.

The Russian offensive in Ukraine that began on February 24 and the sanctions that weigh on Moscow wheat supplies were disrupted and other food products from these two countries, generating a sharp rise in prices, which added to an increase in fuel prices, especially in emerging countries.


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