Laporte: “I don’t like to watch football”

Established defender in Manchester City and the Spanish National Team, Aymeric Laporte has a life that goes far beyond football. The central defender, in fact, recognizes that the king of sports, at least on TV, is not one of his passions. “I am not a soccer addict. Honestly, I don’t like to watch matches.” he affirms in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian.

So much so, that Aymeric reveals that he has not even set the possible crosses for Spain in this World Cup: “I have not even looked, I have not made the predictions, I did nothing. What do we cross with group F? I had no idea. Honestly, when I play for City, I don’t even know what time the games start. My family calls me and says: hey, what time tomorrow? Well, I do not know”.

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Laporte is completely optimistic about the future of La Roja in this World Cup in Qatar: “There are reasons (for which Spain can win the World Cup). The arguments are there, for all to see. Our game is an example for many teams. We play very well, we have spectacular footballers, we move the ball. Against Germany, one of the best teams in the world, we proved it. The ability to handle the ball, to control possession, to find passing lanes. Frankly, I think we’ve been very good.”

“In terms of gameplay: I honestly haven’t seen anyone better. Individually, there are many teams with great players, but in terms of football, of the game, very few are like us”, added the Spanish-French.

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Finally, Laporte talks about the similarities and differences between the coach of his club, Pep Guardiola, and the coach Luis Enrique: “They are very different, despite having the same idea of ​​keeping the ball. Both want the ball to control the game but it is true that with Guardiola you try to unbalance the opponent a little more, risking even more than here. Here perhaps are more necessary risks. With Spain, it is exactly lto the same ambition, the same principles and the same idea from the first moment I arrived”.

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