Laporta: “We will come back stronger than ever”

Barça buried its most intimate memories this Monday at the Camp Nou. The newspapers that have recounted his exploits (placed by Asensi), the shirt (placed by Xavi), the bracelet (Busquets), the ball (Melanie Serrano), the boots (placed by Jana and Guiu, player and player of the infantile A and B respectively) and, finally, the flags of Barça and La Senyera, buried by the president, Joan Laporta. Shovels that are already history, but that open a new stage in Barça 66 years after the inauguration of a stadium that says see you later, but does not move from its place.

I would like to say that these 123 years of Barça history could be explained in many ways, and one of those ways of explaining them would be through the stadiums where we have played. From the beginning, in which we played itinerantly in various stadiums, to Les Corts, which was very close to this wonderful stadium. When this field was inaugurated, Barça was already a world reference and, since then, it has been our home, our fort, our temple. And also the pride of the Barcelona fans. And we want it to continue to be our home and our temple. And we want it in the same place. That is why we are laying the first stone here, in the Les Corts neighborhood, which is where Barça lived in 1922. And we want it to be in the city, within Barcelona, ​​which is our home”, Laporta began his speech at an act full of representation from the club, but also from the construction company Limak (with its honorary president and founder, Nihat Özdemir, at the helm) and the investors who have lent 1,450 million to the club through a loan to set up the jewel of the Espai Barça.

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“This stadium will make a collective dream of Barcelona come true and will be a legacy for our children and our grandchildren. And, first, it must go through a construction process that we have to live with the utmost enthusiasm. PBecause we will be here again, and we will come back stronger than ever. We want it to continue being the scene of glorious days, coinciding with the 125th anniversary of our club. We plan to return in November 2024. Then, it will be in suitable conditions to obtain the performance that we want to get from the stadium and it is in accordance with the needs of our stadium”, continued Laporta, who then addressed the representatives of the Limak construction company and the investors in English: “We are sure of your commitment. This club is already your club. Thank you for trusting Barça. Together we will make the Camp Nou the safest, most comfortable, most commercial and most exciting stadium in the world. Together we will make the best stadium in the world”. And he said goodbye like this: “The Camp Nou is already past, a memory. But the most important thing, without a doubt, is the future, a splendid future, in keeping with our history.”.

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