Laporta: “We can also aspire to win the Champions League”

New era of Laporta with LaLiga?

We are in a good moment of institutional and personal relations. I think it should be so. Entities and people go through different phases and now, fortunately, we are in a good place with LaLiga. Barcelona must be in a line of understanding and institutional concord. We have resumed the personal relationship.

UEFA decision

Now they are ten days so that the recommendation of the investigators of UEFA is confirmed. They have seen that, since there is no sports corruption, the club cannot be condemned before being tried. We will be able to participate. It’s good news. If we want to continue being hegemonic in LaLiga, we can also aspire to win the Champions League.

In the center of the field opens the option Oriol Romeu.

I have come with Mateu, who is handling these issues, and he has told me that we have several options. Now we are in the process of registering players for the feasibility plan and if there is any way out we will be able to do some incorporation.

Do you trust that you can sign everything that Xavi has asked for?

What we have agreed to. I am convinced that we will achieve it. The market has only just begun. More or less we have focused everything that refers to defense. Surely we will make some more incorporation if those exits that have to be made allow us. In the midfield there will be one more reinforcement because the coach has asked us to. We’ll see what happens with a player who has offers. In front, more or less, we already have it complete. In principle, we will continue with players who had said they were going to leave but they are going to continue.

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They have withdrawn from the CVC lawsuit. Will they also leave the Super League?

No. We are waiting for the decision of the court in Luxembourg, which we think will be before the end of July. I think that in this sense it is good that Barcelona is there, because we can act as a bridge for dialogue between UEFA and the Super League clubs. Everything is very advanced and we are waiting for the resolution.

Is Ansu Fati non-transferable?

Ansu Fati has a contract with Barcelona and has told us that he wants to continue. We are delighted that he is still at Barcelona. All the exits are painful, but the important players we keep them. The coach has confirmed to us that he wants to continue with them and we are delighted to continue with them. They are part of and define our style. Now I think they have reached a higher level. Only those who want to leave will leave. If they are very talented and useful players, delighted.

Xavi’s renewal

The priority is to assemble and improve the team. When we can have quiet time we will address what refers to your contract. Understand the circumstances of the club and the institution.

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