Laporta tries to save in extremis the signing of Messi

While the 23 players called up for the game against the Vissel Kobe they flew to tokyo with the sports vice president, Rafael Yusteto the head, mateu alemanywho had been in balladsreturned to Barcelona. Joan Laporta, who flew from eindhovencelebrated the Champions of the women’s first team and, from now on, he will have to be in charge of operations to plan for the next season.

Messi goes before anything in planning, but the barca it is very pessimistic. The player wants to make a decision now and the Barça club is not yet in a position to assure the Argentine that he will be registered because he has too many folders on the table. usually optimistic, laporta showed his lowest profile in Saint James. “It’s very difficult. Those who do what they can are not obliged to do more, ”he said this Sunday. His statements were in the same vein as those of mateu alemany. “When the Messi issue is resolved, we will give the corresponding explanations,” said the soccer director in Vigo.

He barca drop that The league has not given him any leeway to try to compromise Messiwho is not willing to experience the same situation of uncertainty as in 2021, when he flew from Ibiza to Barcelona to put the signature on his new contract and found himself laporta giving him long and apologizing because he did not fit in the salary limit.

At the end of last week, the club slipped that it was still hoping to convince Messi and that the Argentine would not make any final decision until he met for the last time with the barca. But then he already had the suspicion that the pressure from Saudi Arabia and from the same environment Messi it would be difficult to control. In it al hilal they hope to announce the signing of Messi this Tuesday. laporta, a specialist in desperate situations, tries to save the signing. But even he himself seems to have lost faith. From Japan, Xaviwho is most in contact with Messiwill be the first to know for both parties.

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