Laporta thinks of Luis Enrique if the Xavineta does not convince


The level shown by the FC Barcelona players under the orders of the Asturian coach has generated a lot of doubts about the Barça coach

laporta is very clear that if he is forced to change coaches in the FC Barcelonathe ideal candidate is Luis Enrique Martinez. The Asturian does not stop surprising the world of football with the performance that he is managing to get out of players as young as those he has the Selection.

The display of Spain versus Costa Rica revealed that there are players who do not give the same performance with Luis Enrique what with Xavi. Gavi is a clear example, but above all it is striking that Jordi Alba Y Busquets They look like former players with the Barça shirt and, nevertheless, they remember the level of 2010-2012 when they put on the red one.

Xavi's decision
Xavi Hernández forced to win titles if he wants to continue at Barcelona

Xavi will only continue if he wins titles

Laporta always had doubts with Xavi Hernández, so it is not surprising that he thinks of a coach like Luis Enrique. Let’s remember that he took a long time to do without Koeman, perhaps because he did not have everything with him that Xavi was ready to make the leap.

Right now, the situation of FC Barcelona in the Santander League is very good. But it must not be forgotten that Xavi has failed again in the group stage of the Champions League. Between now and June, the Barca coach will be watched closely and if titles are not won, he will surely be fired.

Laporta pending the future of Luis Enrique

For his part, Laporta is counting on Luis Enrique not going to commit to anyone until next summer. At least if he decides to make The Selection clear. In case of renewing with the RFEF until the next Eurocup, logically, the options of seeing him on the Barcelona bench would run out.

However, all the information that revolves around Luis Enrique would make it easier for Laporta to sign him. The Asturian has the monkey to train day by day, feel that pressure to play every week and start a project that allows him to do things well and continue progressing as a coach.


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