Laporta still believes in Messi’s yes…

Messi, how could it be otherwise, was in all the crowds of Jordi Alba’s farewell, which was attended by high-ranking officials from the club who, when asked about the state of the matter, conveyed contradictory feelings. On the one hand, They still trust Messi’s yes. “If everything happens as they have told us, we will agree,” they conclude from the main floor. But that’s the optimistic version. The pessimist sees a setback in the negotiation. Barça considers that Messi is receiving strong pressure from his environment that reminds him of what happened two years ago and encourages him to accept the offer from Arabia. Barça admits from several sources that what a few weeks ago was “done”, now it is not so much. And one more obstacle. From the same club it is admitted that the OK of LaLiga to the viability plan will be delayed a few days. Possibly, until the week of June 12. Laporta is still confident that Messi will hold out and end up playing for Barça, but he cannot control all the messages that have reached the Argentine from his environment in recent days and conveys concern.

And if there weren’t enough obstacles for Messi’s return to Barça, which at times seems like the story of an impossible love, The uncertainty surrounding the Barca club’s participation in the 2023-24 Champions League adds pessimism to the negotiation for his return. Now, Messi and his entourage do not have to be aware only of Javier Tebas’s economic control team activating the club’s viability plan and releasing fairplay with some sale. Messi also has to ‘watch’ whether or not Barça plays in the Champions League to give the final yes, if his final intention is to return.

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That Barça did not participate in the Champions League would be a definitive blow and would rule out the Argentine. June 12 may be one of the key dates in the signing of Messi. UEFA’s decision would also coincide with LaLiga’s verdict on the feasibility plan. Many open fronts to be clear that Messi will say yes.

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