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Laporta puts a price on Raphinha: he is out of FC Barcelona

In view of the fact that no offers have arrived for the discards of the Blaugrana team, the culé presidency launched the plan with the Brazilian attacker, who has two important proposals.

Coach Xavi Hernandez and the future sports director Deco, had already communicated to Joan Laporta his decision regarding Raphinha. For the first two, the brazilian attacker He is untouchable and non-transferable, and from now on the Egarense coach would have included him in his 2023-24 squad. But the president is the boss, and he will sell it against all odds.

The reason why Laporta has placed Raphinha on the exit ramp is because of two million-dollar offers that could greatly help the blaugrana economy. It is known exactly that the culé team must sell yes or yes to make the corresponding signings. So that the carioca striker is the key to carry out these operations.

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Newcastle United is willing to put up to 80 million for Raphinha.

The most striking offer for Raphinha is from Newcastle and Laporta listens carefully

Before listening to the proposals of teams interested in the South American striker, its president valued his departure at 80 million euros. Despite the fact that it cost Barca 58 more variable kilos, the Barca president considers that his performance was so outstanding that 20 million more are just the gain he had at his level.

That is precisely the offer made by Newcastle United, a club that, thanks to investments and good signings, earned a place in the Champions League. Now that they have returned to the world’s biggest competition at club level, the Magpies want to do a formidable job, not to mention the Premier League. For this, they need high-level signings like Raphinha.

The destination that Raphinha likes is not economically viable for Laporta

The ex Leeds United already stated that he does not think of moving from FC Barcelona, ​​since he has enjoyed playing with the Barça elastic. In addition to scoring 10 goals and 12 assists, the atmosphere at the Spotify Camp Nou is unique for the Brazilian striker, and he intends to continue to like him. However, the player knows that if necessary, he will have to leave Barcelona.

The fate of Newcastle does not seem to attract his attention, but that of Bayern Munich does. The problem is that the Bavarian Giant does not plan to give the 80 kilos that Joan Laporta asks for, and the option of stopping at the Allianz Arena vanishes. So, everything is ready for Raphinha to pack her bags and play at St James Park next season.

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