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Lamm is reviewing Real Zaragoza’s finances

Real Zaragoza increases its salary limit, marking a before and after in its economic management

Real Zaragoza, one of Spanish football’s historic clubs, has made significant economic progress, becoming one of the second division’s most important economies thanks to the recent salary cap update. With a spending limit of up to 10.77 million euros for personnel and coaching staff Zaragoza is not only demonstrating its financial recovery but also represents a new milestone in its recent history and has the largest investment capacity in players in its eleven-year cycle in the category.

This progress is the result of an arduous recovery process that has lasted more than seven seasons, during which the club has worked tirelessly to adapt its real economy to LaLiga’s official guidelines. Now reaches the fourth highest salary cap in the second division, only exceeded by clubs such as Elche, Valladolid and Eibar, Zaragoza is in a privileged position to compete strongly and aim to return to the elite of Spanish football.

    Salary limit in Zaragoza
The new owner has implemented key management and strategies for this change in direction

An era of change and optimism

Clearing important debts, such as those owed to the tax authority, and modernizing management were fundamental aspects of improving the club’s financial health. Negotiations with creditors and the search for new business partners, led by figures such as President Jorge Mas and General Director Raúl Sanllehí, have allowed not only a significant reduction in liabilities; a significant increase in income.

These measures, together with debt reduction policies and increasing social capital, have made it easier for Zaragoza not only to improve its debt ratio and equity balance compared to LaLiga, but also to increase its salary cap. This joint effort allowed current sporting director Juan Carlos Cordero, for the first time in a long time, to have wide scope for squad preparation, reflecting the club’s true economic potential.

On the way to a future full of possibilities

With this new economic scenario, Zaragoza faces a future full of opportunities, marked by the possibility of a return to LaLiga and the consolidation of a robust sporting and economic project. The club’s long-term strategy not only aims for success on the field, but also guarantees economic sustainability. This will ensure the continuity of a project that honors Zaragoza’s rich history.

The renewal of its economic position in the second division is a clear sign of the recovery and potential of the Aragonese clubReal Zaragoza, opens a new chapter full of hope and high expectations for both the club and its loyal fans.

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