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L’Alqueria del Valencia Basket celebrates its fifth anniversary

L'Alqueria del Valencia Basket celebrates its fifth anniversary

L’Alqueria del Basket, the space where the 45 Valencia Basket academy and academy teams work every day, with more than 500 players in its ranks, celebrates its fifth year of life with great prospects for the future. Activity floods the facility’s 13 courts daily, busy from Monday to Sunday almost without a break. A dream come true for basketball lovers in the city of Valencia. In fact, There are already ten players who have been promoted from L’Alqueria to the first team. The first player to open the ‘Mur dels Somnis’, where the names of those who manage to reach the first team are recorded, was Alex Vera and the first player to register her name was lorraine sure. Since then, there have been several players who have followed in his footsteps, but especially these last two seasons: Millán Jiménez, Claudia Contell, Paula García, Alejandro Bellver, Awa Fam and Elba Garfella. The list, over the years, will go on. The bet is clear on the part of the taronja entity.

In these first five years of life, they have accumulated more than 68,000 working hours in the installation, which means an average of 13,600 hours per season, a figure that has even been exceeded this last year. have been carried out more than 41,000 training sessions, about 8,200 for each year of activity that accumulate. other of the significant figures is the number of matches that have been hosted, reaching 4,631 in these first five years. The resulting mean is just over 900 games per seasonfigure that This last year it has been widely surpassed, exceeding 1,300 meetings.

The house of coach education

After five years of life, L’Alqueria del Basket has also become a benchmark in terms of coach training. During this time, Valencia Basket has been offering open sessions to all interested coaches. First in person and, later, incorporating the online option. Three seasons ago, these days became official with the birth of L’Alqueria LAB and, with it, the L’Alqueria del Basket Basketball Chair. A certification through the University of Valencia that was added to that of FBCV and FEB. Last season, in addition, the Club added the “Coach Experience” option to its sessions to offer more content to technicians interested in living a more complete experience.

During these years, national and international protagonists of the highest level have passed: Sito Alonso, Miguel Ángel Ortega, Georgios Bartzokas, Luca Banchi, Jota Cuspinera, Dave Love, Gloria Estopà, Joan Plaza, Salva Maldonado, Luigi Lamonica and many more. Of these great professionals a total of 5,700 coaches have been able to learn, an average of more than 1,000 technicians per yearwho have wanted to continue training with Valencia Basket.

Internally, the Club has also opted for the training of its coaches beyond the courts with the psychology courses organized by the Personal Development Area. This project has already completed three seasons and dozens of coaches who have passed through the taronja entity have been able to enjoy it.

Campuses and Schools continue to grow

The organization of Campuses and Schools throughout the year is a hallmark of Valencia Basket and L’Alqueria del Basket. The wide variety of Campuses and Schools, which continues to grow, have been enjoyed by nearly 11,000 boys and girls during these five years.

In all this time, not only has the participation been growing, but also the offer. In September 2021, a new collaboration with the Rookie Basket Academy was announced for the creation of a Pre-Season Campus in Oviedo, Asturias, and this year a new Campus has been launched in Cáceres by B-Mood Basket. Regarding the activities already consolidated, the Christmas Campus has reached 13 seasons, the Easter Campus has celebrated its 17th anniversary and the Summer Campus has already reached 33 editions. The School offers in L’Alqueria at Christmas, Easter and Summer continue to grow, as well as the one held at the Mas Camarena Student’s Resort. In addition, Valencia Basket opened a new School in Fallas last season. Regarding the more specific activities, both the Shooting Academy to perfect the shot, as well as the Skills Camp to work on skills and the Women’s Technification Campus, continue to be highly requested by young people for their post-season work. Far from the Ciudad del Turia, the Worcester Campus in the United Kingdom has celebrated its fifth edition and the Campus in Ibiza continues to bring the color of taronja to the island.

More dreams come true at Mur dels Somnis

One of the most significant banners of L’Alqueria del Basket is, without a doubt, the Mur dels Somnis. A space on the central court where everyone can see the names of those players who, after spending at least two years in the academy, have made their debut with the first teams in official competition. To date, ten have succeeded. The first player to release it once the facility was inaugurated was Álex Vera and the first player to register her name was Lorena Segura. Since then, several players have followed in his footsteps, but especially these last two seasons: Millán Jiménez, Claudia Contell, Paula García, Alejandro Bellver, Awa Fam and Elba Garfella. Six players in two years, compared to three players in the previous three seasons. L’Alqueria del Basket is increasingly present in the professional squads and the homegrown players have more references every day to look to fulfill, they too, their dreams.

The seal of L’Alqueria finds its place in the national teams

The success of the L’Alqueria del Basket label goes beyond Valencia Basket and is that the presence of players in the training categories of national teams has increased greatly, culminating in this fifth year with a summer to remember. A total of 33 players and six coaches have participated with their national teams, either in calls or in official tournaments from the sub-12 to sub-20 categories. The first season there were 17 players. In addition, this year in those concentrations the taronja representatives have won a total of 22 medals (seven gold and 15 silver), 19 from players and three from coaches. In total in these five years there have been a total of 116 calls for players participating with their national team. A fact that shows how little by little the great work that is done in L’Alqueria is bearing fruit.

Exponential growth in social networks

Social networks continue to be a great door to the public of L’Alqueria del Basket. Each season the installation has seen great growth in its virtual followers in these five years of life. In this fifth season the figure stands at a total of 32,000 followers, compared to the 13,500 it had in its first year. This represents a rise of more than 137%. In addition, last year the specific social networks for Campuses and Schools were launched with more than 2,000 followers. The influence of L’Alqueria del Basket on the network is growing and the activities carried out continue to generate great interest on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Teams increase in the Senior League

In L’Alqueria del Basket’s determination to be everyone’s home, three seasons ago the senior league. The objective was to give space to all those people interested in playing basketball in the best facilities through an amateur competition. A project that is possible with the collaboration of Quirónsalud and that last season acquired a greater degree of professionalism with the live statistics of NBN23. A total of 74 teams -men’s, women’s and mixed- have already participated in this league And every year the number continues to grow.

L’Alqueria Academy, a reference in the training of young people

L’Alqueria del Basket wants to put its stamp within everyone’s reach and it is for this reason that three seasons ago it created L’Alqueria Academy, the best academic-sports education in collaboration with the Mas Camarena Educational Center. The experience of a historic club in Europe like Valencia Basket, the infrastructure of L’Alqueria and the complete educational program of one of the best centers in the country. Every year the young people who bet on this education offered by L’Alqueria Academy -both Spanish and foreigners- have been growing in the three active seasons. Next year the number of boys and girls who experience first-hand the best training in basketball and studies will be far exceeded.

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