LaLiga’s complaint may be key to the sanction against Espanyol

LaLiga has already sent the Competition Committee the complaint of the incidents that occurred during Espanyol-Barcelona last Sunday. In said writing he not only betrays the hate chants during the meeting, but also develops the incidents that occurred after it when a hundred local fans invaded the pitch forcing the Barca players to evict on the run.

Last Sunday some images were produced that have gone around the world and have dismayed Spanish football. A hundred ultras from Espanyol invaded the pitch while Barcelona celebrated the conquest of LaLiga. The Barça players had to run away and be protected by riot police. A situation that LaLiga has already denounced the Competition Committee, which can close the stadium with a sanction that can go from one game to an entire seasonand also to the Anti-Violence Commission.

The LaLiga report sent to the Federation and the Competition Committee highlights the incidents that occurred at the RCDE Stadium as follows: “At the end of the game, and during the celebration of the league championship by the players and staff of FC Barcelona at the pitch, there was a invasion of it by more than a hundred local fans, having to intervene both the club’s private security personnel and riot police, producing certain relevant material damages associated with the technical equipment of the production of the match”. And he adds: “It must also be stated that the vast majority of the local fans who invaded the field of play came from the lower tier of Gol Cornellá.”

This last nuance can be of great importance in the sanction imposed by the Competition. LaLiga in its specific complaint that the invasion was produced by fans of the lower tier of Gol Cornellá. This means that the sanction of the closure during the matches or months that it deems necessary can only be for that sector, without forcing Espanyol to close the entire field.

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LaLiga also wanted to highlight that the security number for the party was higher than on other occasionss: “It must be indicated, and according to information provided by the local club, that for this match the club itself had increased the usual private security device, passing from 107 to 167 security guards, and from 390 to 460 security assistants”.

In addition to this incident, LaLiga also denounces offensive chants from the stands of the stadium during the match: “Barça bitch”, “Barça, Barça, shit”, “Chen, bastard, out of Espanyol” and “Chen Yanhseng son of a bitch”.

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