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LaLiga that spends the least

Football and the public returned to the stadiums, but the hardships suffered by the teams of The league to reinforce their templates are still there. The reduction in income caused by the outbreak of the COVID has caused Spanish clubs to face big losses and see their wage bill reduced. This reality was aggravated in the investment of the last season (382.5M), a quarter of what was spent a year earlier (€ 1,365.5M). The 20 First class clubs have invested a total of 201.4 million euros, the worst figure since the season 2012-2013 (€ 150.1M). In addition, far from the average of the last five campaigns, which is around the 700 million.

Barça and Real Madrid, the two most economically powerful teams in LaLiga have spent between them only € 9M in this summer window, an investment for the floors in comparison with other years. Since the year 2000, the average expense of these two teams is 175.96 million euros and in the last ten seasons rises to 217.7 million. Athletic and Real Madrid they have not disbursed any euro in this market. It would be the second time in a row that the white club do not face transfer fees, unless it arrives Mbappe.

A resource widely used in this market by First Division clubs is to keep an eye on players free and have the sign of cedes. In this summer window, a total of 96 footballers have landed in LaLiga, of which 55 have reached zero cost. In the season 2019-2020 (last summer market not marked by the pandemic) was the one in which the most was invested and a total of 177 players, almost 50% more.

Villarreal (€ 54.5 M), Atlético (35), Sevilla (32.5) and Getafe (13) have spent more than 16 teams remaining First and none of these exceeds the range of ten million. It is the first time that the Castellón team has positioned itself as the highest spending team in the First Division, breaking the hegemony of the great Spanish football clubs. Also, it is striking that the Almería (€ 11M) be the fifth Spanish soccer team that has invested the most or that the subsidiary of Real Sociedad (€ 1.5M) I have spent more than the first team (€ 0.5M).

LaLiga is in the queue, compared to the major european leagues. The expense that all the clubs have First, is more than twenty% of what the Premier (€ 1,086.6M) in this market. The top four finishers in the English league have invested € 407.5M. On the other hand, the five Spanish clubs that play the Champions they have spent € 131M. For example, the three newly promoted to the Premier have invested € 112M. Espanyol, Mallorca and Rayo, € 18.5 M. The Norwich (€ 60M) it would be the team that would have spent the most in LaLiga. A gap between both countries that lasts for years and puts at the top of Europe to English football.

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