LaLiga Santander | Espanyol touches 30,000 members, but loses subscribers

Espanyol has published, in the news in which it advanced that all subscribers will be able to attend the match against Alavés next week, the numbers of the campaign of subscribers at this point and with two weeks to go. After Pericodecarnet was presented at the beginning of June, with the participation of large unconditional publicists of the parakeet sentiment, the numbers today they give one of lime and another of sand to the blue and white entity in a year in which COVID-19 already allows access, still limited, to stadiums.

The club communicates that the number of partners It is close to 30,000, the goal that had been set: 29,501. There is a rise from the previous season, which stood at 28,479 when it ended. That is the good news. On the other hand, the number of subscribers falls to 20,348 compared to the more than 23,000 of two campaigns ago (the same as last, who could not go to the stadium). However, the club reiterates that they are data “provisional“because the campaign closes on September 30 and the members and subscribers are expected to grow.

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of September 14, 2021

In fact, there are 4,204 subscribers from the past year who have renewed their membership status but have not yet made a statement about the subscription despite having reserved the seat. It will depend on them whether the number is better than the European year or worse. The gap between the number of partners and subscribers is, today, 9,153, the highest number since there is this distinction made by the former corporate CEO Roger Guasch.

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Espanyol is also pleased to have achieved 1,495 new registrations, a good figure considering the uncertainty due to the pandemic in a community where restrictions have been the toughest in recent times. In the coming weeks, the entity expects, yes, that the numbers will grow and exceed those 30,000 members and reach 23,000 subscribers at least.

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