LaLiga denounces an alleged fixing in a Copa del Rey match last season

An anonymous complaint to LaLiga has set off alarm bells for an alleged rigging in a Copa del Rey match. This is the match corresponding to the first round of last season between Huracán Melilla and Levante, which would end with a granota victory by 0-8. The employers have already informed the Police of the facts and statements have been taken from six people.

The Investigating Court No. 2 of Melilla is in charge of investigating this possible rigging related to illegal betting and, pOr now, he has already taken a statement from a former Hurricane Melilla player. He was arrested last Tuesday, although he was later released. The defeat that this team received by Levante in the first round of the Copa del Rey last season is being investigated, from which an economic profit would have been achieved through illegal bets.


The team from Melilla was eliminated and the I raised, who is not under suspicion and is completely outside the investigation, passed the round although he would be eliminated in the second round penalty shootout against Alcoyano. Hurricane Melilla issued a statement in which they reject this behavior and make themselves available to justice: “The club has always advocated fair play, transparency and will collaborate in everything necessary to fight fraud . We want to make it very clear that the moment an active member of the club, be it a manager, player, coach or any other employee, is involved, disciplinary measures and pertinent legal actions will automatically be taken.”

As soon as LaLiga learned of the facts through an anonymous complaint sent to its email address [email protected], it transferred the facts to the National Police Center for Integrity in Sport and Gambling, which opened an investigation. For now, more details are unknown,Although LaLiga makes it available to anyone who wants to provide more information for the investigation or who wants to report any other fact that may affect the integrity of the competitions.

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