LaLiga and Brazil sign peace for Vinicius

The attempt at a Spanish-Brazilian conflict over the Vinicius Case seems to be coming to an end. This morning the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, and the Brazilian ambassador to Spain, Orlando Leite Ribeiro, have met to approach positions after a few difficult days, with forceful demonstrations from the player’s country by various authorities, among them President Lula da Silva or the Minister of Justice, who came to warn of the possibility of using the principle of extraterritoriality. Below is the joint statement from LaLiga and the Brazilian Embassy:

“Leite Ribeiro and Tebas agreed that there is no place in the contemporary world for racist acts like those that occurred on May 21 in Valencia, directed against the Brazilian player Vinicius Júnior.

The Embassy of Brazil and La Liga strongly condemn any racist manifestation and undertake to continue fighting against this scourge that affects sport and compromises the image of Spain, a welcoming country where athletes of all origins, creeds and ethnicities can prosper.

At this time it is important that the competent institutions act to identify and punish offenders in an exemplary manner, sending a clear message that racist and xenophobic demonstrations will not be tolerated”.

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