Lakhpati orphan child was begging on the streets, sad news

An 11-year-old poor boy in India spent several months begging on the streets and from door to door.

According to foreign media, this incident is from the Saharanpur region of the Indian state of UP, where an eleven-year-old boy, who had been begging on the streets and from house to house for several months, turned out to be Shahzeb Lakhpati.

This painful incident came to light in the local media when a distant relative spotted Shahzeb begging in Clare a few days ago and identified the child’s photo through WhatsApp, after which he informed the family members and brought the child to his family.

The real story of this incident is something like this: 11-year-old Shahzeb’s mother died during the Corona era. After which he had to beg on the streets for his livelihood as he had no one else to support him.

According to an Indian website, in 2019, Imrana, a resident of Pandoli village in Deoband Nagal, left her in-laws in anger and took her son with her. Later, her husband tried several times to persuade her and bring her back home but failed. Later, Imrana took her son and moved to Kaler Sharif area of ​​Uttarakhand.

The in-laws searched a lot for Imrana and the child but could not find anything about them. Imrana’s husband died due to the grief of separation from his wife and child, later the woman died in the Corona epidemic. After which his young son was left alone in the world through Dadhyal and started begging on the streets to satisfy his hunger.

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On the other hand, the child’s grandfather loved his grandson Shahzeb very much and even though the mother and son were missing, he was sure that he would find his grandson one day. He also gave half of his property to this grandson.

The grandfather tried everything possible to find his grandson and posted his picture everywhere from social media to newspapers, but he could not be found.

A few days ago, a distant relative of Mubeen spotted Shahzeb in Clare and identified him from Shahzeb’s picture on WhatsApp and informed the family. Mubeen also delivered the child to the family. It is being told that the child has a house in the village worth Rs 20 to 25 lakh, besides agricultural land is also in his name. Thus, Shahzeb, who was begging on the streets until a few days ago, has now become the owner of a property worth around 50 lakhs.

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