La Vuelta gets bigger

The women’s lap takes on a life of its own. He has grown older. As of this 2023 it has its own name, its own dates, its own route and its own presentation. Torrevieja held the launch event this Tuesday with the revelation of the layout of its first spring edition, already detached from the month of September and the Lap big, the masculine From May 1 to 7, the women’s peloton will cover seven stages, over a total of 731 kilometres, and two summit finishes in Peñas Llanas andLakes of Covadonga! Yes, the Asturian colossus appears on the last day of the race as the decisive point. The inclusion of this mythical climb is a declaration of intent from the organizer, who places one of his most emblematic mountains to give packaging to the birth of the women’s round. It is not the only wink. Torrevieja has also welcomed the departure of the return men in 2019 with a team time trial, the same format that will kick off this event.

Gone were the first women’s races linked to unipublic with a smaller denomination challenge, the germ of a competition that always aspired to more, but never finished culminating. It started in 2015, just one day, in Madrid, as opening acts for the men’s round. It was increasing days, little by little, until reaching five last year. But the definitive jump is that of 2023, the season in which La Vuelta Femenina begins to walk alone, with the sponsorship of Carrefoura company closely linked to professional cycling, and the support of Superior Sports Council, in its priority policy of supporting women in sport. The race begins with seven stages, which are not the eight of the Tour not even ten o’clock Turnbut it is a promising change, a way to continue looking to the future to continue growing, as a sport and as a society.

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