La Salernitana seems determined to pay for Dia

La Salernitana seems determined to pay for Dia

The Salernitana has decided to bet on Boulayé Dia definitively, and more after the role of the player in the start of the League and the World Cup. From Italy it is assured that the Italian club will make effective the purchase option of twelve million euros, that was established in the assignment contract of this past summer. Thus, if that payment is made, the Senegalese striker will cease to be a player of the Castellón team permanently.

An exit that is marked by the decision and the commitment of Unai Emery, that this summer he was clear that he did not want the striker on his team and that he had to leave the entity. His insistence forced the club to find a way out with the idea of ​​recovering at least the investment made two summers ago.

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an exit that was closed after the interest of teams like Nice, Mallorca and Salernitana, finally being the Italians who ended up closing a transfer by purchase option, paying a million for the assignment and twelve for the purchase option for their rights. The striker has been one of the highlights of his team, which has led him to the World Cup as a starter with Senegal.

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A start, that of Boulayé, a bit forced, so today it would be necessary to see what would have happened without Emery’s insistence on getting rid of the striker. As The striker has been showing that he is a player with growth and a market. What’s more, from England it has been rumored that It is an alternative for some teams in the Premier, which can mean a greater business to fructify any of those interests.


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