Home Sports La Salernitana informs Villarreal that she is staying with Boulaye Dia

La Salernitana informs Villarreal that she is staying with Boulaye Dia

La Salernitana informs Villarreal that she is staying with Boulaye Dia

It was an open secret that the Salernitana had found a sporting and economic vein in Boulaye Dia, since the footballer’s performance was being high and it had generated interest in other clubs. For this reason, since this winter, there has been talk of the possibility that the Salernitana hthe purchase option of 11 million that he had agreed to become effective, to later transfer the footballer for more quantity.

There was no doubt that Boulaye Dia has taken an important leap, you just have to look at his performances in recent weeks and his numbers, since he has twenty-one goal actions, with fifteen goals and six assists. All of this has made the Italian club already has communicated to Villarreal that it will make its purchase option effective. A piece of news that has not been a surprise for Villarreal, who since last winter he already looked for his attack option in Ben Brereton. What is true is that Dia’s departure for an amount of about twelve and a half million is not something that leaves them satisfied. Dia left Villarreal at the express wish of Unai Emery, even going so far as to force the forward’s departure.

At Villarreal they understood that without the coach’s approval, its continuity was not possible within the financial situation of the club. An output that curiously the Salernitana was not the first option, since the player wanted to go to Nice, Villarreal ceded it to Mallorca, and Salernitana was the one who was determined to pay, and the one with the most interest. An outing that lasted, but ended up falling on the side of the Italian team, which was not aware at that time of what he was signing.

Now a season later, Dia is one of the revalued forwards, so it is ensured that the Premier is going to bet big. With what paying 12 million, he has had a player who gave him a very complicated high sports performance, and without risking money, they will be able to win a greater amount.

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