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Omar Alderete (Valencia) and Arzamendi (Cádiz) will have ended around two thirty last morning in Spain the match between Paraguay and Venezuela, in which they were also Alexander Gil (Malaga) and Machis (Grenade). The game was played in Asunción, 1,300 kilometers from Montevideo, where Uruguay and Ecuador faced each other at the same time, with Araujo (Barcelona), Gimenez (Athletic), Valverde (Real Madrid), Arambarri (Getafe) and Maxi Gómez (Valencia), in addition to Stupiñán (Villarreal). Paraguayan players have to travel to the Uruguayan capital and there they will get on a plane with their Uruguayan colleagues, one of the charters chartered by the League and the clubs affected by CONMEMBOL matches. The end is none other than its internationals (27 in total) return to Spain as soon as possible.

La Liga adjusted the schedules of the fourth day so that the clubs with South American internationals compete Sunday or Monday (or directly or do it, like Seville, Barcelona, ​​Villarreal and Alavés). The intention was to buy time for the return. Valencia, for example, arranged for Alderete to get on the plane with Maxi Gómez and the rest of the Uruguayans. Your flight is scheduled to land in Madrid late on Friday. So tonight, Giménez, Valverde and Arambarri will already spend it in their docimilio, while Araujo will place himself under Koeman’s orders tomorrow to prepare the trip to Munich.

Alderete and Maxi, meanwhile, will rest in Madrid. On Saturday first thing in the morning they will travel to Valencia to train at the Mestalla. Bordalás, with a view to waiting for them in the best possible conditions, delayed the trip to Pamplona for Sunday (they play at 4:15 p.m.).

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The past dawn (Spanish time) Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru also played, all of them with representatives of the League. The selection with the most internationals that are active in Spain is the albiceleste (8). The AFA, in this case, will charter this Friday a plane from Buenos Aires to Madrid in which all its players who compete in Europe will travel. A) Yes, Acuña, Montiel, Papu (Seville), From Paul and strap (Athletic), Rulli and Foyth (Villarreal), Guido and Pezzella (Betis) will arrive in Spain about 40 hours before Atlético play against Espanyol and 72 hours before Granada-Betis. Brazilians Casemiro and Militao (Real Madrid) and Cunha (Atlético) will also return on charter. Chileans Claudio Bravo (Betis), Alarcon (Cádiz) and Enzo Roco (Elche) plan to reach their respective destinations on Saturday.

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