La Grama asks the Catalan FA to convene an extraordinary assembly on the Premier League

The mess between Catalan football and the Kings League is still raging. After the “bombardment” over the payment of the Nadir-Louah clause FE Grama player, who had also played for Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos in the competition, his team responded with a harsh statement.

FE Grama asked that Catalan Football Federation the calling of an extraordinary meeting “in connection with the interference caused by the Kings League in the normal development of our competitions”.

This is FE Grama’s full statement:

“Dear President, we hereby request the convening of an Extraordinary Assembly of the clubs belonging to the Catalan Football Federation, in relation to the interference of the Kings League in the normal development of our competitions. As you know, this competition takes place outside the RFEF structures and therefore there is no regulation limiting its interference in the life of our clubs.

Currently, both amateur football and futsal competitions are subject to federal regulations that prohibit a club from taking on a player’s services once the competition has started without prior agreement between the clubs. Well then, With the launch of this new competition, halfway between football and entertainment, there are transfers of football players that may happen in the future without the federation club being able to prevent this situationThis led to serious changes in the competition itself, both for the RFEF clubs in the third division and in the leagues strictly regulated by the Catalan FA.

In the long term, this can undoubtedly also have an impact on the 1st RFEF and the 2nd. For this reason, we understand that it is necessary for our federation to take urgent measures, with the intervention of the RFEF, to prevent our competition from being underestimated by the introduction of this type of tournament for which there is no federal regulation. and that not only do they do amateur football a disservice, but they can also cause historic clubs to disappear in our community and with them all the football coaching work that most non-profit clubs of humble Catalan football do.

We ask that this Extraordinary Assembly can be held in the second half of September with the aim of creating a regulatory framework that will allow peaceful coexistence between amateur football and these new competitive formulas which, I stress, do not have a federal framework.” .


Antonio Morales García

President of the Esportiva Grama Foundation

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