First good news for Brooklyn on the Kyrie Irving affair. As reported by The Athletic and ESPN, the point guard will now be able to train with the rest of his Nets teammates at HSS Training Center, the team’s facilities in Brooklyn, thanks to a regulatory change: the city has determined that it is a private office building and not a closed gym.

Why is modification so important? New York City prohibits those not vaccinated against COVID from carrying out any type of activity inside an enclosed area. And Irving, at the moment and as far as is known, has not yet been inoculated. In San Francisco the regulations are similar with only one difference: in New York it is worth a single dose, while in the home of the Golden State Warriors you must have the complete guideline.

Two games, two absences

Looks like we can have Kyrie on tour with us, but I’m not sure he’s going to play, since we haven’t seen him in a week, and obviously safety comes first, “said Steve Nash, coach of the Nets, who will play in the early hours of Monday 11 to Tuesday 12 at Philadelpia against the Sixers. “We are not going to have a great risk of injury, but there is a lot to work on. We get the information at the same time as you (the press), so we’ll see what happens, “he added.

Irving has missed the Nets’ first two friendlies. Both closed with triumph for Brooklyn. The first, in Los Angeles against the Lakers; and the second, this past dawn in front of the Milwaukee Bucks. The difference between one and the other is that Irving went from not playing in California to coach’s decision not to do so against the current NBA champion by not be eligible to play, a terminology that is not part of the routine communication of the teams.

Economic losses

“At least he can train, but we want it here for everything: for games, for home games, training sessions, away games, shooting practice, everything, ”said Kevin Durant, forward for the Nets and one of the three pieces of that big three terrifying of the Nets alongside James Harden and Kyrie Irving himself.

His absence against the Bucks is not only a sporting problem for Irving, but also an economic one: for each game he loses at home, he will stop collecting $ 318,181 … and there are 41 in the regular season plus the two from Madison and all the duels that come. in the playoffs. Total, The point guard faces losses of nearly $ 17 million from a 35-year contract this season.


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