Kyrgios’ tone out: he uses Rafa Nadal to minimize Carlos Alcaraz

The Australian tennis player unleashes controversy by belittling the 2023 Wimbledon champion.

In the midst of his fight against injuries, the controversial Australian tennis player has once again been at the center of controversy after boasting of being the leader in serves and points under pressure in the ATP rankings. However, the comment Nick Kyrgios was not without controversy, as he downplayed the abilities of young Spanish prodigy Carlos Alcaraz.

Kyrgios, who has only been able to play one professional match at the Stuttgart tournament due to knee and wrist problems during the 2023 season, jumped at the opportunity to send a message to his critics. via Twitter, shared a screenshot of the ATP statistics that place him as the leader in serves and points under pressure, while Alcaraz leads the ranking of receivers.

Kyrgios Alcaraz
The challenge of two big thesis

Kyrgios boasts leadership in serve and under pressure, while Alcaraz leads the ranking of receivers

“Let me remind you of this before you open your mouth,” Kyrgios tweeted, followed by a comment on Instagram stating: “I’m good average at this, don’t forget. Don’t talk shit if I don’t come back.” In addition to challenging his detractors, the tennis player also took the time to answer questions from his followers on social networks.

Among them, they asked him if he would like to face Carlos Alcaraz, to which he responded with a surprising proposition, “Alcaraz is a sure force. I would have liked to see how I would have fared last year when he was healthy and playing out of the spotlight.. Carlos Alcaraz, what do you think about doing an exhibition in Murcia next year? This statement caused mixed reactions among tennis fans and supporters.

The challenge of the Australian tennis player to Alcaraz: exhibition in Murcia

But the controversial statements of the Australian tennis player did not end there. When asked about the return of Rafa Nadal to the circuit, with whom he has had turbulent encounters throughout his career, he responded emphatically: “The circuit will be better when Nadal and I are back.” This could be taken as a hint that Kyrgios feels that his and Nadal’s presence is essential to improve the level of competition on tour.

However, it’s important to remember that Kyrgios’ views are often fraught with provocation and may not necessarily reflect reality. Inclusive, his opinion on the return of Rafa Nadal has added fuel to the fire of his already tumultuous relationship with the Spaniard. There is no doubt that Australian tennis He will remain a polarizing figure in the world of tennis, but only time will tell if he can back up his words with action on the court.

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