Kymco Like 125 EV is a new electric scooter with great autonomy and competitive price

Kymco, a Taiwan-based motorcycle manufacturer, has unveiled a new model for its range of scooters. More specifically, a new electric scooter nicknamed Kymco like 125 EV which, as its name suggests, has a motorization equivalent to 125 Cc, as is the case with the Kymco Agility City 125 Cc model available in Portugal.

The highlight of this new electric scooter is in fact the advertised range of up to 199 kilometersas well as the integrated navigation system. Also, the price is very competitive, costing the equivalent of US $ 1,359, or around € 1,200. However, the price has not yet been confirmed by the company and may change.

The new Kymco Like 125 EV can cost the equivalent of € 1,200

Kymco like 125 EV

At first glance, the new Kymco Like 125 EV appears to be an excellent, versatile and capable addition to the growing portfolio of electric two-wheelers. The new scooter has a modern design, with attention to detail and captivating features.

On the other hand, this electric scooter is particularly light compared to competing alternatives and scooters of similar power. It should be noted that its weight is only 94 kg, which makes it easy to park and drive the Like 125 EV by hand.

Kymco like 125 EV
Front and rear view of the new Kymco Like 125 EV electric scooter.

The best of all? For urban commuting, the new Kymco scooter has a power equivalent of 4.3 horsepower, as well as enough space to house five Kymco Ionex batteries. In this way, it can provide up to 199 km of autonomy.

The scooter is powered by a brushless DC electric motor rated at 3,200 W, capable of delivering 124 Nm of torque. Powered by 50V / 13A lithium ion batteries, each battery module weighs 6kg.

The autonomy of the electric scooter is up to 199 km with Ionex batteries

Kymco like 125 EV
Side view of the new Kymco Like 125 EV electric scooter.

According to Kymco itself, the batteries of the new scooter can be fully charged in just one hour (60 minutes) thanks to its Ionex technology. In fact, this was one of the points highlighted by the brand during the recent presentation of the product.

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Furthermore, as stated in the product page, Ionex batteries have an average lifespan (lifespan) of up to 1000 charge cycles without losing charge efficiency.

Kymco Like 125 EV should also be marketed in Europe

Kymco like 125 EV

This electric scooter also has a panel and electronic display of considerable dimensions and an easy-to-read screen, even in direct light, to facilitate the understanding of the information while driving.

The entire Kymco Like 125 EV has a similar appearance to the heat engine models (available in Portugal), now with some blue highlights and more attention to overall build quality.

In addition, and as it could not be missing in an electric vehicle, the Kymco Like 125 EV connects to the smartphone through its own application and the Bluetooth connection. In this way, through the app, it is possible to have access to various information about the scooter, such as remaining autonomy, average speed, distance traveled and other indicators.

Finally, the new Kymco Like 125 EV electric scooter will be available in Europe, as well as in Asia and possibly also in Central and South America.

The price? Possibly € 2,100, then varying depending on the tax burden of each country, although some portals classify this model as a mere prototype, with no expected arrival on the market.

The truth is, however, that the scooter was presented and the product page It presents it as real after the prototype presented in 2019.

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