Kylian Mbappé’s contract revealed: salary, term and bonus

The voices that announce the arrival of the French attacker in the Merengue team for the summer market of 2024 are becoming louder and louder, these will be the conditions for the signing of the contract agreement

After several years of searching to sign Kylian Mbappé, Real Madrid are close to signing the player. Everything suggests that the next summer market will be the date when the star of the French World Cup winner joins one of the best clubs in history. Even some They dare say it is the shot of the century.

The scale of the event that unites the paths of the Madrid team and Kylian Mbappé is so gigantic that behind it lies a contract with very special conditions. It is surprising to know that the striker will earn less than he would if he stayed at PSG for another year. But this time his flair for the sport apparently brought him more than just money.

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In addition to the basic salary (15 million euros net), Mbappé will receive 150 kilos, spread over 5 years, as a “signing bonus”.

The juicy contract that Mbappé will sign with Real Madrid

Firstly, the basic salary that the French attacker will receive will not be the highest, as it will be 15 million euros net. Let’s remember that the player who currently earns the most is Toni Kroos, with a salary of 24 kilos. However, the former Monaco player will receive an annual bonus of 30 million for his signing as a free agent for the Merengue team.

Since the contract is signed for 5 years, Mbappé’s bonus totals 150 kilos, which is what Madrid wanted to pay PSG for his signing in the last summer market.. This applies to salaries with bonuses and other extra paragraphs, but when it comes to image rights, the 25-year-old footballer gets almost everything.

The percentages that Mbappé collects for the rights to his image

In addition to his base salary and the bonus he receives every year for 5 seasons, there is another financial entry that would go into the player’s coffers. We are talking about the attacker’s image rights, where he will take 80% and clearly the madridista team will take the remaining 20%.. It will be billions because we know that the Merengue team has fans all over the world.

Further financial issues still need to be clarified in the contract that Kylian Mbappé will sign with Real Madrid. This includes bonuses for games played, games won, qualifications for international tournaments and of course the number of goals scored. The most important thing for Florentino Pérez is that his dream is about to come true.

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