kyiv reports one injured after overnight Russian drone strike

Kievl (BLAZETRENDS) civil.

“The enemy used drones, which were shot down by our air defenses,” the head of the regional military administration, Ruslan Kravchenko, said on his Telegram account, adding that the anti-aircraft alarm lasted about an hour.

None of the drones -according to preliminary information “Shahed” made in Iran- managed to hit their target, according to the Ukrainian authorities.

However, as a result of the demolition, the fragments of the drones caused damage to three private homes.
“Unfortunately, a resident of one of the buildings was injured. He was injured in the leg. He was provided with the necessary medical assistance, ”added Kravchenko.

On Sunday night an anti-aircraft alert was declared in Kiev and in most of the southern and eastern regions of the country due to the possibility of Russian attacks with drones or ballistic missiles, the agency “Ukrinform” reported.

Russia denounces that Ukraine has launched some 70 shells and mines on the Belgorod region

Russia denounced today that in the past 24 hours Ukrainian troops launched nearly 70 shells and mortar mines on the Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine, without causing casualties.

“Seven artillery shells were fired against the village of Solnevka, in the Belgorod city district. As a result of the attack, no casualties or damage were reported,” the region’s governor, Vladislav Gladkov, wrote on his Telegram channel.

He added that a total of 14 shells and two drone-launched grenades hit the villages of Schetinovka and Zhuravliovka in the same district, which produced no casualties.

Gladkov indicated that towns in the Shebékino and Volokono districts were also attacked with artillery fire.
“There were no damages or victims in any of these locations,” stressed the governor.

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Last May the Belgorod region was attacked by a detachment of the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom for Russia Legion, an incursion for which Russia blamed Ukraine.

Thousands evacuated from the border

Since then the Belgorod authorities have had to evacuate thousands of people from the border.

Following the raid, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that if Ukraine continues its attacks on the border, then Russia will be forced to create what he called a “sanitary zone” on the neighboring country’s territory.

“If this continues, possibly then we will have to study the question, and I say this very carefully, of creating on the territory of Ukraine a kind of sanitary zone at such a distance that it is impossible to reach our territory,” he assured.

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