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Kuzminov is a “traitor” and “a moral corpse”: insults from the Russian intelligence chief towards the deserter murdered in Spain

Kuzminov is a “traitor” and “a moral corpse”: insults from the Russian intelligence chief towards the deserter murdered in Spain

The head of the Russian foreign spy service, Sergei Narishkin, He assured that this Tuesday Maxim Kuzminovthe Russian pilot who flew to Ukraine in a helicopter and was murdered in Villajoyosa (Alicante) was a “traitor”. “This traitor and criminal became a moral corpse the moment he planned his dirty and terrible crime.”This is what Narishkin said, as reported by the official Russian agency RIA Novosti. Narishkin added: “In Russia it is often said: either you talk well about the dead, or you don’t talk at all.”

When Russian public television reported the desertion in October, the reporter announced that the order to liquidate the pilot had already been given. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured in his daily telephone press conference that he was not aware that the Spanish authorities had informed Moscow about the incident.

He also clarified this Kuzminov’s death is “not an issue” on the Kremlin’s agenda. Kuzmínov was shot dead on February 13 in a garage in an urbanization in Villajoyosa (Alicante), sources close to the investigation confirmed to EFE on Monday.

Although the documents found for the deceased do not match those of Kuzminov, since they confirmed that he was descended from a 33-year-old Ukrainian, the sources consulted by EFE clarified that this is the pilot who deserted before the Russian troops is.

This Monday, the Ukrainian media “Kyiv Post” reported that the representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence service (GUR), Andrí Yusov confirmed the death of the pilot, although he did not mention the location where the body was found.

A GUR source told another Ukrainian media outlet, Ukrainska Pravda, that the pilot was shot and that a burned-out car that could have been used by the killers was found near his home. The latter coincides with what happened in Spain, because shortly afterwards the vehicle that the attackers allegedly used to escape was found in flames.

According to GUR, Kuzminov had decided to live in Spain instead of remaining in Ukraine. The Russian’s defection became known in September last year when the Ukrainian GUR published images in which the then 28-year-old pilot explained how he was contacted by enemy military intelligence, who offered him to join the Ukrainian side. Currency exchange and protection.

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