Kuwaiti parliamentarians demand ban on BJP members entering the country

Kuwaiti parliamentarians have called on the government to ban the entry of BJP members into the country.

Kuwaiti parliamentarians have also spoken out against the ban on the hijab in India, demanding that the government not allow members of the extremist Hindu ruling party to enter the country.

According to foreign media, a letter has been submitted to the House by Dr. Saleh, Member of Parliament of Kuwait, which has the signatures of more than ten Members of Parliament.

The letter said that Muslim girls were being publicly persecuted in India and that the BJP leaders responsible for the hijab controversy should be barred from entering Kuwait.

Protests have also taken place outside the Indian embassy in Kuwait, with protesters demanding the immediate withdrawal of the controversial and anti-Muslim move by the BJP government.

It should be noted that voices are being raised against the ban on hijab in India not only within the country but also many countries are raising their voices against it.

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Pakistan, Turkey and the OIC have reacted strongly to the issue.

Many international figures are also speaking out against the ban.

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