Kuwait: How will the work permit be renewed? –

Kuwait City: The Kuwaiti government has issued new instructions for the issuance or renewal of work permits for domestic and foreign nationals working in the country.

In this regard, Kuwaiti sources say that work permits for citizens and foreigners will not be renewed or issued without educational proof.

According to Kuwaiti media, the government has made great strides in linking professional details with educational qualifications, which by the end of last August managed to link 1,855 professional matters with the educational level.

According to local media reports, the post of the desired employee or his work permit (work permit) will not be renewed without proof of educational qualification of the citizen and foreign employees unless he meets the required professional conditions. Make comparisons that match the position of the employee in terms of the profession.

It is worth mentioning in the list of new names that the names of Technician, Trainer, Supervisor, Chef, Painter, Referee have been mentioned for those who have at least a diploma while the post of operator (whether it is machinery operator or anything else) has been mentioned. Ka) was distributed among those whose education is less than intermediate degree or primary education.

Determining the academic level of the director, engineer, doctor, nurse, meteorologist, general physicist, general chemist, geologist, teacher, mathematician, accountant, statistician or special job in media and other fields as bachelor degree or its Has been equated to

The restaurant also has a minimum intermediate level of education for manager, food and beverage service, retail store and hotel reception staff. Associated with lower primary education.

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It is worth mentioning here that linking professions to educational levels has come after adopting the “Manpower” guideline for job classification and job description and it has been popularized in all Gulf countries so that GCC countries I could standardize the title among the workers.


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