Kuwait has issued more than 30 thousand new work visas

According to Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower, over one million work permit renewals and 30,000 new work visas were issued last year.

In an interview with a local television station, Bushra Salim, head of operations department at Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower Information System Center, said that PAM issued 30,000 permits for the first time through the “Ashal” electronic system last year. 1.27 million residents’ work permits (residences) have been renewed during 2015 and this is up to 90 percent of the mechanization of services offered by the authority, including 174 electronic services.

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Bushra Salim further informed that a new procedure will be followed for the issuance of new work files in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce to complete communication with all government institutions and to initiate communication with Arab and Gulf countries. As part of its efforts to play a role in preventing fraud, links have been identified with 20 government agencies at present.

In this regard, Director of the National Employment Platform Project in the Authority’s Employment Department, Badra Al-Mutairi, said that the Authority is taking steps to enable national workers who are reluctant to apply for jobs in the private sector.

Al-Mutairi said all national employment-related services have been automated through the platform, be it “graduate award, unemployment insurance, data update, job search” or other financial support services.

He further said that the Manpower Department has also inspected various sites regarding the violation of the ban on working from 11:00 PM to 4:00 PM from last June to the end of August.

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According to the authority, since August 21, 20 complaints have been registered at 20 different sites against companies not complying with this decision, while 450 notifications have also been issued during this inspection. PAM said that since the beginning of June, 360 companies have reported such violations, while the number has reached 420 after the sites inspected.

He pointed out that the total number of workers at the offending sites has crossed 600 while the number of complaints received through the hotline has reached 20.

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