Kuwait: Driving license renewal process underway

KUWAIT CITY: The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has amended some provisions of its traffic laws and issued a procedure for renewing driving licenses.

According to local media reports, Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer Ali has issued a decision amending some provisions of the traffic law.

Here are the edits.

The application for renewal of driving license will be submitted on a form within 30 days of expiration of driving license.

Proof of Identity (Civil Identity Card), Residence Address, Certificate of Penalty for Traffic Violation, while Proof of Residence (Civil Identity Card) must be provided to foreigners.

The license will be renewed after payment of the prescribed fee.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that 421,131 driving licenses have been renewed and 23,754 have been confiscated or replaced while 1,320,026 dinars have been collected in the form of traffic fines.


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