Kuwait: Disadvantages of not renewing work permit for immigrants

Kuwait City: The decision not to take any more work from the immigrants who have come to the country for employment who have reached the age limit is causing harm to Kuwait.

In this regard, Kuwaiti media say that the decision not to renew the work permit of immigrants over 60 years of age is harming Kuwaiti skilled workers.

According to a report in a local newspaper, after the decision not to renew the permits (residency) of foreigners over 60 years of age, the data of the Public Authority for Civil Information has made a big revelation.

The public authority says more than 42,000 migrants have stopped working in the private sector in the first half of this year, a logical consequence.

According to the authority, the country’s administration is on track to create an environment in Kuwait that will remove rare skills, skilled labor and professionals from the labor market.

Statistics so far show that 42,334 migrants aged 60 and over have left the country.

According to sources, neighboring countries, the Gulf and others have attracted many of them, especially doctors and rare foreign workers seeking jobs in other Gulf countries.

Sources warned that the continuation of such a trend in the country could deprive it of qualified workers and shake the stability of the rest of the workers abroad as it has serious implications for the private sector and the entire national economy.


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