Home World Kuwait decides to revoke driving licenses from foreigners

Kuwait decides to revoke driving licenses from foreigners

Kuwait decides to revoke driving licenses from foreigners

Kuwait City: Thousands of migrants living in Kuwait will have their driving licenses revoked, a move aimed at creating an integrated new driving license system.

According to Kuwaiti media, in order to solve the traffic jam in the country, the Interior Ministry has planned to revoke the driving licenses of thousands of foreigners whose expiration dates have already expired.

Authorities say such drivers continue to use their licenses, which are against the law.

A circular will be issued soon regarding the ban on driving despite the expiration of the old license. In order to restrict the old driving license, the holders of the old license will have to get a new driving license in their place. Data will also be linked between the traffic department, manpower and housing to detect blocked driving licenses.

Immigrants with an old illegal license will not be able to renew their residence because they will have to return the license to renew their residence. Many immigrants drive with an old driver’s license and are fined only 5 dinars if caught.

Officials say about 20,000 university students have been issued driving licenses, most of whom have completed their education but have not yet returned their driving licenses.

The traffic department will block their driving licenses so that their licenses cannot be renewed. Similarly, there are about 40,000 foreigners who have a driver’s license but lose their driver’s license when they change professions.

Foreigners who are usually caught driving on an expired license go to the Interior Ministry and pay a 5 dinar traffic fine, as well as renew their residence.


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