Kuwait: Bicycle renters on the beach are careful

Kuwait City: Kuwait has decided to take action against bicycles and scooters rented on the beach.

According to the details, Mashal Al-Azmi, Director, Department of Hygiene and Roadworks, Govt. Are rented on sidewalks.

The administration said that the violators would not be released until the fines were paid, adding that the violation would cost up to 500 dinars and there would be no compromise.

He said that the administration had picked up the bicycles and it was not a rumor that the licensed games licensed by the municipality were exempted from these fines. Appropriate regulations and penalties apply.

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Al-Azmi said the violation would cost up to 500 dinars and there would be no compromise, adding that the games were dangerous, in addition to harassing families, beach walkers and running enthusiasts. Activism is against the law.

He added that no action would be taken against the license holder and he would be allowed to continue his activities, however, the municipality would take legal action against any activity which is prohibited.


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