Kun Agüero’s health: in Spain they talk about a possible withdrawal due to arrhythmia

The news shook the portals of sports newspapers around the world: Due to heart problems, Kun Agüero could withdraw from professional soccer practice. The results of the latest analyzes carried out after the arrhythmia he presented while his club, Barcelona, ​​faced Alaves were more pessimistic than expected.

Although so far it has not issued any official statement, it was the Catalan club who made it transcend the general and negative result of the stress studies that were made to the scorer and member of the national team.

Kun arrhythmia

The symptoms appeared last October 30 when Barça faced Alaves. After an effort, Kun clutched his chest and began to feel short of breath. The doctor entered and determined the need for the Argentine to leave the field of play. Then it was reported that he had suffered a cardiac arrhythmia, a problem that he had had 12 years ago and was believed to be overcome.

In a preventive way, the club’s health professionals determined that Agüero should stay away from the efforts of the top competition for at least three months, but the results of the latest stress studies precipitated the diagnoses.

Cardiac pathology would be incompatible with the requirement of professional practice and, therefore, the scorer should leave the courts.

Until now, neither Barcelona nor Agüero reported anything about it. The Catalan club is cautious and awaits the confirmation of the studies carried out, to which it will surely add new ones in the coming days.

12 years ago, Kun had presented an arrhythmia for which he was operated on. But this time, with the advance of time, the problem would have evolved in such a way that it endangers the forward’s continuity on the pitch.

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The Catalan press reported that in the next few days MRIs and stress tests will be performed to confirm the degree of complexity of the condition that generates a dysfunction in the rhythm and electrical impulses of the heart.

Agüero in Barcelona

Agüero arrived at Barcelona last May hoping to form a deadly duo with his friend and partner Lionel Messi. But the surprise departure of the best player in the world prevented that possibility. Since then, Kun, who had come out with Manchester City praise, did not shine as expected.

After a few weeks in Spain, got injured and couldn’t play in the league restart. So far since its incorporation, He only played 151 minutes with the Barça shirt, none during an international meeting.


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