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Kulusevski Monchi’s feasible dream at Sevilla FC

At Sevilla FC the great possibility of adding a new alternative in attack before the natural complications that has manifested Kulusevski on the Juventus of Turin. The Swedish striker has lost his status as the first alternative and among his chances is the great possibility of getting into the Seville awnings as an immediate game solution.

This is what some media that cover the Italian club show, which in addition to everything has firmly said that they are going to handle the issue in a hermetic way. They know the conditions of the player, and more than that they know what they would be able to offer. Being a still young asset, it remains at a high value, but given the circumstances, it could offer possibilities in its favor.

That the player has not been able to maintain consistency in his team does not mean in any way that siren songs are not reaching him. In fact, it is one of the most sought-after in its league, Serie A, where one of the most competitive has the rope around the bianconeros’ neck in recent days.

This issue could negatively affect the responses of the Seville club, which has entered a competitive zone due to its signing with Monchi at the helm. Of course this means a strong investment and they depend on what they can do in the winter market. He is promoted the most by a forward-level sale, with En-Nesyri at the top of the list.

Those from Bergamo have in their hands an option that Juventus likes a lot, which is to put a player on that route as a form of payment, Luis Muriel. The Colombian is certified for goal, and has much more experience as Allegri likes. Although it determines an additional payment for those of Gasperini, they have no problem in offering that possibility.

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