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KRK supports Shah Rukh Khan’s film! Said, “Jawan is such a storm that can be stopped…”

 KRK supports Shah Rukh Khan's film!  Said,

The audience of Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Jawan” is eagerly awaiting. The film has sold more than 2000,000 tickets on the first day of its pre-sale booking, raising Rs 6.84 million. At the same time, film critic and actor Kamal Rashid Khan has said a lot about Jawan.

Film critic KRK wrote on his official X account (Twitter): “Some storms are so big that nobody can stop them!” Jawan is also such a storm that cannot be stopped! Those filmmakers who are doing bad things to film by creating WhatsApp groups need to deal with it!’

Please let us know that KRK has targeted Kajol and Aamir Khan with this tweet. In one of his posts, he directly attacked both stars by taking their names. He wrote: “Aamir Khan and Kajol are the two most toxic people in Bollywood who are jealous of everyone’s success!”

In another tweet, KRK commented on those giving negative reviews in Bollywood. He wrote, “If I rate a film negatively, that’s acceptable.” But how can Bollywood people negatively influence a film when they call themselves family? This WhatsApp group commenting negatively on “Jawan” is proof that Bollywood is not family. Instead, they hate each other.

Significantly, KRK has also published some figures on the collection of “Jawan”. According to him, “Jawan” has sold a total of 90,000 tickets in advance, including PVR and INOX. At the same time, 20,000 tickets were sold in Cinepolis and in this way the film has sold 250,000 lakh tickets across India.

Earlier in his post, he wrote: “On the first day, around 2.5 lakh tickets for ‘Jawan’ will be sold in India.” This means that around 30 lakh tickets (worth ₹150 crore) will be sold in advance can. This is a record that no film can break for the next 50 years.

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