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Kriti Shannon finally broke the mistake

Kriti Shannon finally broke the mistake

Bollywood star Kriti Shannon has jointly opened a production company with sister Nupur. The name is ‘Blue Butterfly’. In the meantime, this news has reached many people. But the new news is that rumors are spreading about the naming of Kriti’s production company.

According to many, the actress created the company’s name and logo with a picture of a blue butterfly as a token of her love for late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Because actor Sushant used to use the butterfly symbol.

On the other hand, Sushant’s relationship with Kriti was more than friendship. And when children’s friendship is intense, then everyone refers to it as love.

But the idea of ​​the fans is not true, now Kriti Shannon herself has opened her mouth about it. He opened his mouth about this in the Indian press to correct everyone’s mistake. Said, ‘I like butterflies very much. Also blue color is my favorite.

My insta bio has also had butterflies for a long time. I also use this emoji when commenting. I also use that symbol while writing poetry.’

Apart from this, the actress compared her acting journey with her transformation from a pupa to a full-fledged butterfly. In his words, “Actually, the best of life can be achieved at a slow pace like a butterfly.”

I also learn something new every day. So my journey is like a butterfly. Every human being has conflicts in their life. And through this conflict we can reach our best. Actually the butterfly is like a metaphor here. That’s why our production house is named ‘Blue Butterfly’ and the logo uses the blue butterfly.”

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