Kristoffersen wins in Garmisch and goes on to lead the Slalom World Cup

the norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen, who was already leading after the first set, He clearly won the scoring slalom for the Alpine Ski World Cup which took place this Wednesday at the German station of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the first test of that competition held this year.

Kristoffersen, 28, who achieved his twenty-ninth victory in the World Cup, the twenty-second in a slalom and the third in the aforementioned Bavarian station, He covered the two routes in a time of one minute, 48 seconds and 37 hundredths, with an advantage of one second and 22 hundredths over the Austrian Manuel Feller and one second and 46 hundredths over the French Clement Noel -current Olympic champion of the discipline, in the past Beijing 2022 Games-, who finished second and third, respectively.

The Norwegian based his victory on his good performance in the first round, in which he had improved by 71 hundredths the German Linus Strasser -who went off track in the decisive descent-, by 93 to Noel -who maintained third place- and by one second and 33 hundredths to Feller, who advanced two places to sign second place in the Garmisch slalom.

Kristoffersen achieved his first win of the season on a track that was deteriorating as the participants went down and in which it was enough for him to sign the seventeenth set in the second round, which the Italian Stefano Gross dominated to advance 21 places and finish fifth, behind the Swiss Daniel Yule, fourth this Wednesday .

With the new ski from the Van Deer brand, that of the Austrian Marcel Hirscher – record holder of final victories in the World Cup, with eight (in a row) -, Kristoffersen has risen to first place in the slalom classification, discipline in which last season he won the Crystal Globe for the third time. Add 220 points in that ratio, fifteen more than Feller.

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kristoffersen now is third, with 487 points, overall in the World Cup, led by the Swiss Marco Odermatt with 946 units, 329 more than the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, who, like the previous one, did not compete this Wednesday in Garmisch.

The Spanish Quim Salarich finished the test in twenty-fourth place, the same one he occupied after the first descent, in which he had stayed three seconds and 85 hundredths behind Kristoffersen. In the end, the Norwegian improved the skier from Vic (Barcelona) by 3.47 seconds, who this Wednesday -with the twelfth set in the decisive descent- he scored his first points of the season.

The other two Spaniards participating in the first race of 2023, Juan del Campo and Aingeru Garay, did not qualify to play the second sleeve, reserved for the best thirty.

Del Campo finished in 47th place, five seconds and 65 hundredths behind Kristoffersen: while Garay did not complete the first round.

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