The famous TV comedian and well-known actor Krishna Abhishek, how much he likes Salman Khan, is not hidden from anyone. Krishna has made it clear on many platforms that he likes and respects Bhaijaan very much. But do you know that Salman Khan also has a big hand in having children in the house of Krishna Abhishek? Krishna Abhishek, father of twin boys, has recently revealed that Bhaijaan wanted Krishna and Kashmera to become parents and this is the reason why Krishna made the first call to Salman Khan after having children.

In fact, recently Krushna Abhishek became a part of Maniesh Paul’s podcast show. During this, she openly talked about his personal and professional life. Krishna said, ‘It is wonderful that I have called Salman Khan to meet my twins. Brother has a great hand in having my son, brother wanted a lot. I love salman khan. I always say this for Salman bhai, I don’t need to meet him, I don’t want anything from him, I don’t say this for any reason, I’m happy with what I have. But if anyone asks me, I love Salman Khan. His heart is made of diamonds.’

The comedian further said that once he went to the country house for Salman Khan’s birthday party, he was constantly saying ‘Babies… Babies… Babies’. He had said, ‘You should have children now. You and Kashmera Shah should plan a baby. He put this in our mind. So when I had children, I sent them a message first. Let us tell you that Krishna and Kashmir got married in 2013 and in 2017 they became the parents of two children.


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