Krishna Abhishek is one of the best comedians in our country. She is known for playing the role of Sapna on The Kapil Sharma Show. Krishna found success after participating in the comedy show Comedy Circus, and since then he has been constantly trying his hand at comedy and entertaining fans.

Krishna Abhishek’s personal life has often been in the headlines. His fight with his maternal uncle Govinda often remains in the headlines. Recently, he talked about his differences with his maternal uncle Govinda during his appearance on Maniesh Paul’s talk show. Krishna said that he misses her and wants her children to play with Govinda and Sunita.

He further said that he knows his maternal uncle misses him and also added that his maternal uncle is a wonderful woman. Krushna Abhishek further said, “My maternal uncle is of my blood, but I do not share the same blood with my maternal uncle. But they allowed us to stay with them for 7 or 8 years. Who will tolerate it? My maternal uncle has loved and supported us.” . . “. I remember that he gave me a room and had engraved my name on the soap box. He loved me very much and for that he has every right to scold me. He can slap me. He has every right.”

Krishna also shared that he was born due to the vow of his maternal uncle Govinda. She said, “Chi Chi Mama went to Vaishno Devi to pray that if my mother has a child, she will carry it on her shoulders for six hours and go to the temple. Amazingly, she got pregnant within a year.”


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