Krishan Pereira Is Housed In UAE Jail, ‘Dasara’ To Be Released On OTT

On Monday, some special news dominated the entertainment world throughout the day. On the one hand, Sadak 2 actress Krishan Pereira has made headlines for being jailed in the United Arab Emirates on drug charges, while her fans are very excited for the release of Nani’s Pan India film Dasara. , on Netflix. So let’s take a look at some of today’s special news.

Mumbai-based actress and dancer Krishan Pereira has been housed at Sharjah Central Jail in the United Arab Emirates. According to a report, Krishan was caught with drugs, after which airport officials detained him. At the same time, the actress’s family does everything possible for her to be released.

Bindu, who played the character of the favorite villain, earned a lot of name in the world of cinema. This famous villain from the 70s and 80s celebrates her 82nd birthday this Monday. Her journey to get here was not that easy. She faced many difficulties to get to this point and she yearned for a child all her life.

Netflix has bought the official rights for Nani’s pan-Indian film ‘Dasara’ and it will be released on May 30. The streaming giant has reportedly invested a lot of money to acquire the rights to ‘Dasra’ or ‘Dussehra’, comprising half of the film’s budgeted cost.

Recently, Salman Khan appeared on Kapil’s show and said that he is very tense about Shahnaz Gill. He wants Shahnaz to move on. Sana is ready to move on on her own terms.

In the last vlog, Armaan was spending time with his family. Payal Malik talks about his delivery and says that he is expecting a boy and a girl. Meanwhile, Kritika says that she has to enjoy that moment too. She wants to see Payal delivery and wants to enjoy it. However, Armaan Malik jokes that she can’t go to the hospital. Kritika Malik was seen crying in the latest vlog.

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