Kremlin says accelerating Ukraine’s NATO entry process is ‘very dangerous’


“Potentially, that is very dangerous for European security,” Russian Presidency spokesman Dmitri Peskov said at his daily press briefing.

Peskov added that those who are going to make that decision must “be aware” of that danger.

Likewise, he regretted that Europe does not understand the error implied in bringing NATO bases closer to the Russian borders.

“We have repeatedly witnessed new waves of NATO military infrastructure moving closer to the Russian borders. This was one of the reasons that led us to the current situation,” said the Kremlin spokesman.

NATO considers the Vilnius summit “historic” for the Turkish unlocking and hopes to give a “clear and positive message” to kyiv about its accession process

Peskov insisted that “it seems that the Europeans do not realize this error.”

“It is important to be aware that the Russian military infrastructure has never moved in the direction of Western Europe,” he said.

NATO studies reducing Ukraine’s accession process to a single step

The NATO Secretary General said on Monday that the allies are studying reducing Ukraine’s accession process from two to a single step.

Stoltenberg stressed at a press conference prior to the Vilnius summit that one of the proposals being discussed by the allies to bring Ukraine closer to the organization is to suppress the accession action plan (MAP). for Kiev, so it would go “from a two-step process to a one-step process.”

Abolishing the MAP would mean that the Ukrainian government would not have to engage in a multi-year program to demonstrate that it has carried out the necessary military, economic and political reforms to join the military alliance.

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